tragic ian was depressed

A BAKER from Wigan who was found hanged at his home by his wife had suffered from depression.

An inquest at Bolton Coroners’ court heard that father-of-two Ian Grundy, 39, felt under pressure at work and had been putting in six 12-hour night shifts a week.

In the 12 months before his death, on Monday June 16, both Ian’s grandmother and his dog had died which had had an effect on his depression.

He also went through a period of dramatic weight loss through not eating properly for six months before his death.

The inquest heard Mr Grundy, who worked at Rathbones in Newtown, had argued with his wife at their home on Anderton Street in Ince on the day before his death when he threatened to “do himself in.”

Mr Grundy stormed out of the house, returning drunk later in the evening and smashing some bathroom tiles with a hammer before cutting the electric cables off all of the appliances in the house.

His wife Jayne became scared and left the house with the couple’s 10-year-old daughter to stay with an auntie. She returned home the following evening to find her husband dead.

Mrs Grundy said: “He could sometimes be a bit moody and snap at people. He’d often said ‘I’ll do myself in’ before that, but I never believed he actually meant it. He just used to say that when things had got on top of him.

“When he was smashing things up I tried to stop him, but it was just like he wasn’t there.

“I think he’d just had enough of life. He always kept his feelings inside and didn’t talk to me about anything. I think he was worried about his health, but he didn’t tell me.”

A statement from Mr Grundy’s GP was read in court and confirmed that he had been given medication for insomnia and depression in the two years before his death.

Ian’s father Roy, of Manchester Road, Ince, said: “His view was that he was being messed about at work with his shifts. He enjoyed his work but the hours were just too long.

“It was Fathers’ Day that weekend and I had a drink with him at lunchtime but I didn’t notice anything untoward. He looked better on that day than he had in the past.”

The inquest heard that a post-mortem examination revealed the cause of death as suspension by ligature.

Deputy coroner Alan Walsh recorded the verdict that Ian Grundy took his own life while suffering from depression.