Fears speeding drivers are putting lives at risk

Ormskirk Road, Pemberton
Ormskirk Road, Pemberton

A fed-up Wigan resident is calling for something to be done to stop drivers speeding down a main road and putting lives at risk.

Motorists are accelerating out of a petrol station on Ormskirk Road in Pemberton and reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, he claims.

The man, who asked not to be named, says the problem has become worse since the Esso filling station started opening 24 hours a day around three years ago.

Last week he saw a car speed out of the station, spinning its wheels, before crashing into a bin and signpost outside Pemberton Fish Bar.

His car was written off after a crash there and he fears someone could be seriously hurt or even killed if a driver loses control of their vehicle.

He told the Evening Post: “We are getting kids coming at night. They will fill up and they fly about like it’s a race track.

“They might only go from the station to the traffic lights, but if someone’s walking past and they lose control, they are pretty much dead.

“Last week the BMW got on the pavement on the other side and took the signpost out and the bin outside the chippy.”

The man said it was mainly a problem from the evening until around 2am.

Noise is also an issue, from the cars’ exhausts, horns and stereos, as well as from people using the petrol station.

He said: “It’s unbelievable. Some of the lads have exhausts on their cars that are so big, you can’t even hear the TV. We are turning the sound up.”

The man believes many of the motorists involved break the speed limit when they accelerate out of the petrol station and drive along Ormskirk Road.

“Some of these powerful cars go from 0 to 60 in six or seven seconds. They are probably approaching 60 miles per hour,” he said.

He is now calling on the police to do something to tackle the problem.

He said: “It’s a nightmare. It’s getting out of control and I think it’s about time that the police clamped down on it.”

The man believes a regular police presence in the area could make a difference.

He said: “I think the police should put an unmarked car round there every now and again.

“I know the police like giving people fines for speeding, so if they put an unmarked car outside once every six or seven weeks, they would catch so many people it would be unbelievable.”