New signs confuse rail travellers

One of the new signs at Bryn Railway Station that were showing the wrong destinations
One of the new signs at Bryn Railway Station that were showing the wrong destinations

CONFUSION reigned at a Wigan train station when information signs went crazy.

A technical glitch with the VDU passenger information displays at Bryn train station, meant that passengers were incorrectly told of the wrong train times and destinations, causing chaos for rail-users.

The display equipment was unveiled at Bryn train station last autumn after an investment from The Transport Infrastructure Fund and GMITA Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority, but have only just started to display information.

Independent Bryn ward councillor Don Hodgkinson said: “I was stopped by a lady on Saturday who uses this station daily and she was commenting on the sign saying it was a laughing stock.

“The sign on the Wigan platform was displaying the times for trains to Liverpool and the sign on the Liverpool platform was displaying the times of trains to Wigan so passengers were very confused.

“There could have been incidents where people got on the wrong trains entirely because of this problem.

“We have waited almost six months for these signs, and they have only just started working but they seemed to be connected up wrong.

“Although it has now been rectified, how do we know that this sort of problem will not occur again.

“I pressed the help button to report this fault but the person on the other end could not understand what I was saying.

“I don’t have much faith in this system if this sort of thing happens again or if there are any other problems at the station.”

A Northern Rail Spokesperson, said: “We apologise for the malfunction of our customer information screens at Bryn station this past weekend.

“This was a technical glitch that occurred as the new system was installed.

“The problems were rectified promptly and there should be no further issue.”