Tailback drivers’ fury

Traffic Chaos at Shevington
Traffic Chaos at Shevington
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WIGAN Council has been in talks with water chiefs after roadworks unexpectedly spilled over into the rush hour.

United Utilities were granted leave to put temporary lights on Wigan Road, Shevington, during Wednesday daytime because sewer lining work involved using a manhole in the road.

The company had told the local authority that the work would be done by 4pm that day.

But the following morning the council received several phone calls from angry motorists who had been stuck in Thursday morning tailbacks in the rush hour.

Council street works co-ordinator Tony Hemingway said: “We are still waiting to find out what happened there.

“Sometimes unforeseen problems do arise that prolong road works but we should have been informed.”

But later yesterday a spokesman for United Utilities said: “We have been given a 24-hour extension by the council to complete this essential sewer work, as the repair is more complicated than was at first thought.

“We apologise to motorists for the inconvenience, and can assure them that we are going as quickly as possible to get the work done so that the temporary lights can come down.”