This is where you can get fuel in Wigan, where the pumps have run dry and where there is a limit on how much you can spend

Fuel shortages have impacted some petrol stations across Wigan as drivers rush to fill up.
Pumps closed at one petrol station in WiganPumps closed at one petrol station in Wigan
Pumps closed at one petrol station in Wigan

Some places have been able to continue as normal while others have been forced to close completely.

It is business as usual at the Esso garage on Woodhouse Lane, Beech Hill, as they are still to function despite the current situation around the UK.

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Others are still able to remain open but have introduced limits on what customers can spend.

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These are the scenes around Wigan as drivers try to find fuel for their vehicles...

The maximum amount of fuel allowed at Asda, Robin Park, is £30 per vehicle.

BP on Warrington Road, Marus Bridge, have similar measures, with their limit being £20.

Meanwhile, one petrol station is warning drivers not to panic buy, as they are currently out of fuel.

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Texaco, on Warrington Road in Ince, has been dry for the last few days, and will not receive its next delivery until Thursday at the earliest.

The station is also worried they will be in a similar situation for the next few weeks, and believe the shortage will repeat itself on a constant cycle because of the actions of customers rushing to fill up.

They said: “People need to calm down and stop panic buying. We have run out, and our next delivery isn’t even confirmed yet, and there have already been delays. It will take two or three weeks for things to be back to normal.

“The best way to deal with this situation is to speak to the customers to assure them we will have fuel, and hopefully they will spread the word. The problem is we are short of drivers, but the public are worried there isn’t petrol.”

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Sainsburys at Marus Bridge Retail Park is also currently closed.

The entrance is currently coned off, and has been for the past few days, with a sign reading: “Petrol station closed, no fuel.”

A customer who topped up on Tuesday morning said she was concerned about the whole situation.

She said: “It is worrying. I’ve not come here especially for petrol, my light has been on for ages, and this is the first one I’ve driven past. I’m from Widnes so I’ve been panicking that I might not be able to get home.”

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