Travellers cause golf club chaos

Travellers have parked up in the car park of Gathurst Golf Club, off Miles Lane, Shevington
Travellers have parked up in the car park of Gathurst Golf Club, off Miles Lane, Shevington

A GROUP of travellers have parked up on two spots in town - and are believed to be attending a wedding in the area.

In doing so, they have hit business hard at Gathurst golf club by taking over their car park, covering the vast majority of spaces with cars and caravans.

The group arrived at the club on Friday evening and told officials that they would not be moving.

The golf club is now in discussions as to what legal rights they have to move them along.

When approached by someone from the club, it’s believed the group responded by telling them they can’t do anything about it.

It has hit trading hard with members finding it difficult to park up.

The club shop has had to close its doors too with people turning away, afraid to leave their cars.

At a similar time, another group of travellers set up on a vacant piece of land on Frog Lane, once the centre of a probe due to mercury contamination.

This patch of land is owned by a Liverpool-based company who are aware of the travellers.

A spokesman for Wigan Council confirmed that it had been notified of the two groups arriving but said it was in no position to do anything due to the two areas being private property.

The Council is on hand to offer advice to the two landowners.

Greater Manchester Police have been notified too and have visited Gathurst Golf Club to speak to the travellers.

A GMP spokesman said that the reason they were given for the travellers’ arrival was not a wedding.

However, police were also told that the group would be leaving the club by Sunday.

This wasn’t the case and as the week began yesterday, travellers were still on site and showed no sign of moving.

The police spokesman added that the golf club owner was “not happy” they had taken over the car park but also that the travellers had not been violent or aggressive.

The main concern the police have is the rubbish being left by the group and also noise levels.

Both of which the travellers have been warned about.