Travellers forced out of beauty spot

Pennington Flash Country Park
Pennington Flash Country Park

A LARGE group of travellers abandoned their camp at a popular beauty spot after the authorities obtained permission to move them on.

Caravans pulled up in the car park at Pennington Flash Country Park in Leigh last week and remained there for several days.

Travellers have set up camp in the car park of Sovereign Business Park, Ince

Travellers have set up camp in the car park of Sovereign Business Park, Ince

The presence of the large group of vehicles initially raised fears that Bank Holiday events at the popular nature reserve and country park would not be able to go ahead.

However, Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust (WLCT) was given the right to boot them off the land and the travellers moved out of Pennington Flash some time overnight between Saturday and Sunday.

A spokesman for WLCT said: “Legal steps have been taken regarding the travellers currently at Pennington Flash Country Park.

“A court order was obtained and served which meant the travellers were legally obliged to move by Thursday.”

It is not the first time travellers have moved into the area around the popular country park, with a large group ocontroversially being given planning permission to live nearby at The Stables after placing caravans on the land and installing hard standing and fences, even being filmed for a Channel 4 documentary.

Travellers have temporarily set up several large encampments in the borough this year, with groups setting up home on the car park at Sovereign Business Park in Ince and on land off Coop Lane in Whelley.

Responsibility for evicting travellers from a site lies with the landowners, who can obtain a court order for a removal notice which gives them 48 hours to leave.