Travellers leave a trail of rubbish

The mess off Scot Lane, Wigan, where travellers have been
The mess off Scot Lane, Wigan, where travellers have been

A MAJOR clean up operation has been launched after travellers left mounds of waste, including human faeces, on a Wigan playing field.

The group left the pitches by the Soccerdome and DW Stadium car park, off Scot Lane, on Wednesday night, leaving a trail of muck, rubbish and excrement in their wake.

Wigan Leisure Culture Trust, who manage the fields, now have the thankless task of returning the site to its former state.

It’s a job which they said will take two days as they arrived yesterday. The travellers turned up in numbers last week, bringing their horses as well.

An eviction notice was served to the group earlier this week and they were moved on by police after spending around a week there.

It is believed that the reason they weren’t served a notice sooner was that one of the group was pregnant and there are certain laws regarding the removal of travellers in such conditions.

Police were present as the group were moved along and the WLCT has assured footballers and rugby players who use the fields that they will be available for use in time for any games this weekend.

The incident comes just more than a year after a group of travellers left the pitches in a similar state where televisions and furniture were left behind when they moved on.

WLCT had built gates after this but they have since been sawn off before the new group arrived last week, enabling them to gain access.

A WLCT spokesman said: “We will be on the site over the next few days as part of a major clean up operation.”