Tribute to accident tot

Ellie Barber
Ellie Barber

A PLAQUE in memory of a little girl who tragically died in a road accident is to be unveiled this week.

Ellie Barber was just four when she was hit by a car on Warrington Road, Abram, as she helped her mum unload the shopping from the car.

She suffered massive head injuries from the accident which happened just yards from her home.

Two years after, local councillors and staff at the nursery in Platt Bridge that she used to attend have agreed to install something new in her honour.

Ellie’s mum, Joanne Barber said today: “This was discussed as soon as the accident happened really and it is only now that it has finally happened.

“I think it is a lovely gesture and really nice of Councillor Smethurst to spend money on the plaque so that we can keep Ellie’s memory going.

“Ellie loved going to that nursery so it’s the perfect place to put it.”

Abram councillor Eunice Smethurst said: “We don’t want to resurrect all the heartache for the family again.

“But we thought it would be nice to have a plaque put up in the nursery where she used to go.

“I am told, she loved going to the nursery there and so we wanted something that was a lasting memory of little Ellie.”

Shortly after Ellie’s death, a memorial garden was created at the nursery, Mini Zone, which is now under the name of Jack-In-The-Box Day Nursery. Coun Smethurst added: “The garden is lovely.

“But we had been thinking for a while what else we could do in Ellie’s honour and a brass plaque was what we came up with.

“The unveiling won’t be a really big thing but we just wanted to mark the occasion.”

Jamie Brennan, who manages Jack-In-The-Box nursery said: “I didn’t know Ellie, as I wasn’t here when she was, but I have met her parents who are lovely.

“The plaque is inside the nursery and lots of parents have commented on it, saying what a nice gesture they think it is.”

The unveiling of the plaque will take place at the nursery at Platt Bridge Community Zone at 11.30am tomorrow.