Tribute to murdered submariner

Molyneux's visit to the Submarine museum to see Ian's name put on the memorial wall. Beth
Molyneux's visit to the Submarine museum to see Ian's name put on the memorial wall. Beth

THE name of a murdered Wigan submariner will live on after it was put on a memorial wall at a national museum.

Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux was shot on board HMS Astute in April last year by a fellow crew mate and since his death numerous touching tributes have been made to the much-loved father-of-four.

And last week his name was put alongside that of more than 5,500 other submariners who have lost their lives serving their country at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Portsmouth.

But Lt Cdr Molyneux’s name was the only to be added under such circumstances.

He was shot dead by Able Seaman Ryan Donovan on April 8 last year while Astute was docked at Southampton for a good will visit.

Donovan was jailed for life for the 36-year-old’s murder and the attempted murder of three others.

His widow, Gill said: “Officers and colleagues of Ian’s came along on the day to see his name unveiled and to support me and the children, which was lovely.

“The manager of the museum also organised exclusive tours of the museum and the submarines for us and although the day was filled with so many emotions the children and I still really enjoyed the day.”

Most of the names on the wall are of those who died fighting in World War I and World War II and the last names to be added before the Springfield man’s was in 2007.

They were of two men who became trapped in a cramped compartment on the submarine which was taking part in war games beneath the Arctic ice pack in March 2007.

An oxygen processing machine blew up, filling the compartment they were in with smoke and buckling the hatch doors so rescuers could not get to them.

Gill said: “I really recommend that people visit the wall, it is truly is humbling.

“We feel immensely proud that Ian is being remembered by so many people nationwide.

“It is so important for the children to know that their daddy’s memory will live on in the hearts and minds of all that knew him.”