Trip to the loo costs birthday OAP up to £100

David Rawlinson from Appley Bridge
David Rawlinson from Appley Bridge

SPENDING a penny cost a Wigan pensioner £60 - on his birthday.

David Rawlinson was shopping at Robin Retail Park when he was taken short. As there were no facilities at the park, the grandfather of six nipped across to Asda on foot.

But returning to his vehicle that he had left outside Wicks, he discovered he had been hit with a fixed penalty notice.

The retired engineer from Appley Bridge has been told that if he doesn’t pay up soon, the fine will rise to £100.

He said that it really spoilt his 67th birthday.

Mr Rawlinson added: “I went shopping to the complex and my birthday was ruined.

“I had three tasks to complete - I had to collect a present for my granddaughter from Argos; purchase a masonry drill from Wicks and pick up a small pack of beers from Asda to have a birthday drink later that day.

“I parked outside Argos, got the present and then I drove across the car park and parked outside Wicks.

“As I suffer from an enlarged prostate, I need to go to the toilet at short notice,

“As there were no toilets, I walked over to Asda to use their facilities and while there I picked up my pack of beer. It took me less than 10 minutes to get to my car.

“As I was going to Wicks anyway, I didn’t see the point in moving my car and to make it worse, I never did get into Wicks, and so never bought my drill.

“As the Asda address is given as Robin Park and as Robin Park is a retail park it never entered my head I had done anything wrong and that the two are separate entities.

“I have known of people being fined for going to Burger King - it is ridiculous as it is the same retail park. It is all so confusing.

“There should be some signs saying where you can and can’t park for which shops you can and can’t go in. This is making me ill and at my age I don’t need the hassle.

“I have complained and was told if I pay up straight away it’s £60 but if I wait for complaint to be answered it will cost me £100.”

A spokesman for CMS UK Ltd who manage the carpark, said: “Our officer was doing his job.

“Customers are not allowed to leave the site if their car is parked there.”