Troubled loner took his own life

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News story

A WIGAN man who cut himself off from his family was found hanged amid money worries and following the death of a close friend.

Tragic Michael Dallimore was found dead at his home on St Mark’s Avenue, Newtown, on January 20 after concerned neighbours raised the alarm.

Bolton Coroner’s Court heard how Mr Dallimore, 42, had not spoken to his mother, Eileen Horrocks, since his maternal grandmother’s funeral in 2005.

She said: “He just cut himself off completely. No matter what anyone tried, he just didn’t want to know.”

He then fell out with his father, Frank Dallimore, in 2011 after spending a short time caring for his paternal grandmother.

Mrs Horrocks told how she and Mr Dallimore’s father had divorced when he was just five years old and said he later went on to resent her new husband.

Upon leaving school, Mr Dallimore had joined the army at 22 – serving in Northern Ireland – but was discharged after two years after going absent without leave.

Mr Dallimore’s neighbour, Anne Swift, described him as “a loner”, but said he had never caused her any trouble.

She told how he had struck up a friendship with a neighbour called Albert – even helping to care for him – and had been devastated at Albert’s death over Christmas 2013.

Mrs Swift also told how Mr Dallimore had asked her for money on January 3, which she was happy to lend to him, because he was struggling to pay his bills.

Mr Dallimore’s half-sister, Joanne Neill, later confirmed that a letter telling her half-brother that his jobseeker’s allowance was to be stopped was found while subsequently clearing his property.

Mrs Swift told how she then contacted Mr Dallimore’s father after growing increasingly concerned about her neighbour’s welfare.

Police subsequently found Mr Dallimore’s body suspended by a bed sheet on January 20.

It was not known how long his body had been there for and it was quickly confirmed that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

At post mortem, pathologist Dr Steven Wells found a very low level of alcohol in Mr Dallimore’s system and recorded the medical cause of death as “hanging”.

Coroner Alan Walsh said: “Mr Dallimore had become estranged from all parts of his family and was isolated by his own choice.

“I believe he was also a caring individual. He had looked after grandparents and had looked after Albert but he had difficulties in sustaining those relationships – with the exception of Albert.

“Albert’s death would have been a major blow to him. He probably became a bit disturbed by that – together with his financial struggles.”

Mr Walsh concluded that Mr Dallimore had intended to take his own life, but added that he had done so “while the balance of his mind was disturbed”.