Tux the cat, a fishy tale and a happy ending

THE rescue plans for a trapped cat were more than a little fishy - and the young animal fell for them hook, line and sinker!

Vetinerary nurse Claire Robinshaw and animal nursing assistant Jayne Livesey from Holly House Vets in Hindley were called in by a member of the public after Tux the tomcat was spotted trapped at the bottom floor of the old library on Market Street.

Vet nurse Robinshaw and animal nursing assistant Jayne Livesey at Holly House with Tux

Vet nurse Robinshaw and animal nursing assistant Jayne Livesey at Holly House with Tux

When they realised they couln’t reach the terrified cat, they came up with their own cunning plan.

Encouraged by a growing group of shoppers and passing motorists, the two girls went into nearby shops and asked to borrow a fishing line, cat basket and food. And after much deliberation, the feline was finally fished out of the hole much to the delight of the anxious crowd. Nikki Bassil, another vetinerary nurse at the surgery, said: “It was such an amazing rescue.

“They were first alerted about the cat by a member of the public.

“And when they got there they realised that there was no way of reaching him.

“We contacted the fire brigade but to no avail as they will only come out if the RSPCA is present and that would have taken too long.

“So Claire and Jayne ended up accosting anybody they could see in the street to try and help them rescue the poor cat.

“In the meantime this had caused quite a stir. Traffic stopped at the side of the road to join in with the rescue and staff from neighbouring shops also came out to come and save him.”

Nikki said: “The shop keepers were just fantastic in lending us cat food and the tools to get him. To everybody’s amazement the little cat just crawled right into the cage - it was wonderful. All of the passers-by and shop workers just started cheering.

“He is such a stunning cat and we just want to find his owners or to at least find a new home for him.”

Tux was found with a microchip which the veterinary surgery used to track down his previous home, but sadly the people who were registered at that address no longer lived there.

Nikki added: “It’s such a shame because he is such a beautiful and friendly cat he really deserves to find a home. To this day we still don’t know how he got down the hole in the old library as it is so difficult to access.

“I just hope we can find him a loving home soon.”

If you know who the owners of the rescued cat are contact Holly House on 01942 526222.