TV chef Tanner’s inspired by Heinz broths

James Tanner
James Tanner

A TOP chef has created exclusive new recipes...inspired by one of Wigan’s most famous products.

Renowned restaurateur James Tanner is using Kitt Green’s finest – the Heinz range of soups – to liven up autumn in kitchens across the nation.

He is the face and culinary genius behind the launch of the firm’s first ever Special Edition Soups range offering fans some of their favourite Heinz flavours, but with an added twist.

He is using specially selected combinations to give the perfect blend of flavours,

As ever, the made-in-Wigan Heinz Special Edition Soups contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. And to mark the launch, Heinz has been working TV chef Tanner to create a collection of exclusive new recipes inspired by each variety.

Each comprises the flavour combinations used in Heinz Special Edition Soups, as well as a new twist to help families acxross the country continue to enjoy familiar flavours “in exciting new ways.”

His recipes include Intense Bag-Baked Plum Tomato With Chilli Flavours (inspired by Heinz Special Edition Cream of Tomato with a Twist of Chilli) or Chicken And Sage Sauté In Mini Yorkshire Puddings (using Heinz Special Edition Cream of Chicken with a Touch of Sage) to Mascarpone Mushroom And Garlic Pate With Crisp Breads (Heinz Special Edition Cream of Mushroom with a Hint of Garlic).

Tanner said that as a chef he strove to create unique dishes in his restaurants and really enjoyed being able to add a personal twist to his plates.

And inspired by Heinz Special Edition Soups, the new recipes combined complementary ingredients to put a new twist on classic flavours.

He said: “Each recipe comprises the familiar flavour combinations used in the latest range from Heinz, with a touch of something different, so you can enjoy familiar flavours in a brand new and different way.”