Two arrested in relation to Wigan teen attacks

One of the violent videos published on social media
One of the violent videos published on social media

Police have arrested two people after videos went viral of teens being attacked by others on Mesnes Park and at other Wigan locations.

Wigan officers at Greater Manchester Police this morning Tweeted: "As a result of the recent attacks that took place in Mesnes Park, two arrests have been made.

"Investigations are ongoing at this time."

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Three videos, each of which showed brutal attacks on teenagers, went viral yesterday sparking fears among Wigan parents for the safety of their children.

In some of the footage, one girl can be seen being dragged to the ground, punched and kicked in the head by another teen. Youths can be heard shouting words of encouragement to the attacker and telling the girl to "use her knees" while the victim is lying defenceless on the ground.

After the video emerged, a number of parents contacted Wigan Today to say that their child had recently been attacked in a similar way in the same areas.

According to some parents, several of the attacks have taken place on a churchyard.