Two banned from working as taxi drivers

Taxi rank
Taxi rank

A PAIR of Wigan mini-cab and taxi drivers have been refused licences to continue working following concerns about their conduct.

One was caught on CCTV “overloading passengers” into his private hire vehicle and the other, a hackney carriage driver, was deemed “not a fit and proper person” following a misconduct complaint.

A council regulation committee hearing heard the driver of the mini-cab had breached safety regulations in the overloading incident but had disputed the decision to revoke his licence.

The male driver, whose identity was not revealed in council minutes, appeared before the committee last year and the decision was made after members had viewed CCTV footage.

Having taken his case to Wigan Magistrates’ Court to appeal the committee’s decision, the driver was allowed to continue driving pending the outcome of the court


But magistrates last month rejected the appeal and, having submitted an application to renew his private hire licence in January, the driver has now been informed by the council he will no longer be able to operate in the borough for the foreseeable future.

The driver, who attended the committee meeting and answered questions from the members, also had a warning on his record dating back to October 2012 in relation to his conduct and behaviour.

In the other case, the taxi driver had submitted an application for a new licence having had his revoked in 2014 “regarding a misconduct issue.”

But having submitted documents proving he had met DVLA medical standards and not been convicted of any motoring offences, the committee chose to uphold its original decision.