Tyler’s double Christmas treat

Tyler Reid, five, from Norley Hall, with his Little Star Award from Cancer Research UK
Tyler Reid, five, from Norley Hall, with his Little Star Award from Cancer Research UK

A YOUNG boy who is fighting cancer is looking forward to Christmas and the New Year with the promise of two trips to Legoland.

Five-year-old Tyler Reid, of Norley Hall, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in March and has been having chemotherapy at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

As he had been feeling quite ill, his parents, Kerry Hamer and Anthony Reid, wanted to give him a treat and a collection tin was left at The Avenue pub, in Severn Drive, Norley Hall.

But since the Evening Post reported that thieves stole a large bulk of the money, readers have donated money and Legoland bosses have offered to pay for a two-day pass and a night in a theme room at the hotel.
A mystery donor has also pledged to support accommodation costs for the family of five, which also includes his brother Joshua Reid, 11, and sister Katie Myers, 10.

Dad Anthony said: “We will go in March and we hope to fund-raise even more and go in the summer holidays. We still need to cover transport and accommodation.

“It is great that Tyler is now able to go and he is really looking forward to it.

“It is nice to know that while there are nasty people who would steal from a child, there are decent people out there.”

Tyler, a St John’s Primary School pupil, is determined not to let his illness get to him and he is now looking forward to a busy Christmas.

Mum Kerry said: “We have got lots of presents for him and we can’t wait to see him opening them.

“He is having his dinner at my house and then he will see other members of the extended family.

“We are taking him bowling, which he enjoys as he keeps getting strikes.

“We are hoping things will be quite positive and we want to give him a good Christmas because he has had a horrible few months.

“He is now on maintenance where he has chemotherapy medicine through his hickman line, (a central venous catheter) for a while,

“Then he will go into remission for five years. So we are hoping things will be more positive,

“But it is a cancer that can come back or a completely different form. We are still no wiser if it will come back or not.”

Tyler has also been awarded a Cancer Research UK Little Star Award for his bravery. The honour is given to all children who have been affected by the disease.

Fund-raisers are still working to help provide treats for Tyler.

Kid’s Kingdom, in Ashton, held a Christmas party for him and seven of his friends.

Family and friends will be doing a fancy dress pub crawl around Wigan town centre on February 1 to collect money and his aunt has organised a charity night at St Cuthbert’s ARLFC Club on February 22 from 7.30pm.