UFO spotted over Wigan flash

News story
News story

A WIGAN man has told of a strange sighting in the skies above Wigan.

John Chadwick, 62, from Hawkley Hall was so taken aback by what he saw he felt compelled to contact us in a bid to see if anyone else had witnessed the sighting.

In his own words, John takes us back to the night of Sunday, May 4: “It was 9.30 and I was waiting for a bus at Carr Lane bus stop when I saw this really bright LED-type light in the sky.

“It was slowly rising and seemed to be getting bigger and elongating a little until it stopped still for about 15 seconds before sort of meandering back down towards the ground.”

John had been in The Hawk pub but hadn’t been drinking so knows it wasn’t ‘the ale talking’ and is keen to know if anyone else saw the light, which was in the vicinity of Scotman’s Flash.

He went on: “It was really weird. Once I lost sight of it behind the top of the shops I stepped out into the road to see if I could spot it again when it started rising up again, this time bigger than before and it seemed to have a little red light attached to it on one side.

“There was no sound but it wasn’t a helicopter or a plane and I’ve seen Chinese Lanterns in the sky and it wasn’t one of those either.

“The way it moved and the brightness of the object made it stand out from anything I’ve ever seen before and I’m just curious to know if anyone else saw it.”

John lost sight of the object when his bus came but he has been mystified ever since his odd encounter, looking on UFO websites for any possible explanation or vindication of what he saw.