UFO or Chinese Lantern?

A Wigan man has sent in a remarkable piece of video footage of what could be a UFO.

The man from Shevington, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he saw the object on Sunday night and acted quickly to catch it on his mobile phone.

And as a self-confessed extra-terrestrial skeptic he admits he was gobsmacked by what he saw.

"It was very odd, so odd I even shouted my wife to come and have a look and she was taken aback. Yes, it could have been a Chinese Lantern - but it could have been a UFO."

"It was glowing in the sky, quite big and moving slowly. I had my mobile phone in my pocket, so I managed to grab some footage, at one point zooming out so that you can make out the faint outline of a house to give some perspective."

Chinese Lanterns have been responsible for numerous UFO sightings across the world. The metre-high objects are lit in the middle and sent off into the sky creating an orange, slow-moving glowing presence, which could easily be mistaken for a UFO.

"I can see why there are so many reports of UFOs if this thing was a Chinese Lantern," said the Shevington man, "it was really eerie and definitely not a helicopter or plane. There was no sound at all.

"When you see something like that you question your beliefs a little, so I'd love to know what it was."

Did you see anything in the skies on Sunday evening around the Shevington area? Did you set off a Chinese Lantern? Let us know by adding your comments below ...