The office jungle: Find out your work animal

The office can often be a bit of a jungle, but a new quiz can show you which one of 15 wild animals you are when it comes to surviving the daily grind.

Thursday, 10th December 2015, 10:35 am
Start of the quiz creating by Dr Sandi Mann, UCLan.

The test says simple things like the neatness of your office desk, how you behave in meetings, what you do in your lunch break and how you react to criticism are giveaways as to whether you’re a predatory big cat, as wise as an owl or as cunning as a fox.

Some of the shared characteristics include playfulness, dominance and timidity and the interactive quiz means everyone can take the test to reveal which animal they are most like at work.

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The quiz was created by Dr Sandi Mann, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at University of Central Lancashire for stationary supplier, who said: “We’ve all worked with some snakes and some gorillas in our time and it takes all sorts of creatures to make up a successful office. You might think you know what type of worker you are but this fun quiz will show your true colours straight away. And once you’ve uncovered your inner office animal, why not find out what your colleagues are really like too? It’s good to know how you compete in the working world’s survival of the fittest!”

“The modern office is made up of a myriad personalities, all jostling to secure their own advantage. Whatever the set-up or industry, the office environment tends to feature the same sort of characters, and this is what I built on with the personality test. For example, there is always the ambitious one, the competitive one, the back-stabber, the faker, the show-off, the meek one, the maternal one, the office clown etc.”

Dr Mann then drew up a list of characteristics that might be associated with various animals - such as the wise owl, wily fox and playful monkey.

“Then it was a matter of mapping the traits of the animals onto the profiles of the office types,” she said. “The next stage was creating some common office scenarios and trying to figure out how each ‘animal’ that maps onto an office type might react within the various dynamics. What is really nice about the typology is that there are no ‘baddies’ here; just like all the animals referred to have their advantages and disadvantages within different settings - you might want a kitten to coo over but not to protect you from attack - so too in the office jungle they each have their moment. The wolf, butterfly or even silverback gorilla all have their place within the office and each enhances the workplace dynamics.”

Cheetah cubs

And Nathan Catchpole, a recruitment consultant from recruitment company Hays’ Preston branch, believes personality is a big factor when businesses are looking to hire.

He said: “Aside from being good at the job, I think companies often look for confident, professional people. Different organisations want different things but usually look for someone who is a good fit for the team they already have. Depending on the personalities in the office they may be looking to employ someone who can add to that to make the office dynamic better.”

Dr Sandi Mann advises not being too good