Paramedics save three-year-old Wigan boy's life

A Wigan boy enjoyed an emotional reunion with the heroic paramedics who saved his life as he suffered a cardiac arrest.

Thursday, 30th January 2020, 10:47 am
Updated Thursday, 30th January 2020, 11:01 am

Three-year-old Mason Prendergast, was fighting for his life in the arms of his mum Clare after falling seriously ill.

Clare called 999 and was instructed by EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatcher) Karen on how to give her little boy CPR until hero ambulance crew members Amy and Ian quickly arrived at the family home.

Shortly after were joined by other crew members Jennifer and Andrea, who all worked together to save Mason’s life as he was rushed to hospital.

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Wigan mum Clare Prendergast with son Mason following his cardiac arrest

Fortunately, their efforts were successful and Mason went on to make a full recovery.

The tot and his lifesavers met once again at Wigan ambulance station, as part of the North West Ambulance Service’s (NWAS) wider campaign to educate the public on 999 use, and to highlight the prime examples of when and why people should be dialling it.

Part of the project involved launching a heartwarming scheme to reunite emergency callers with the ambulance crews and emergency call handlers who helped save their lives.

Holding back tears as she recalled the terrifying moment she nearly lost her son, Clare said: "I started to explain to (Karen, call handler) that he looked like he was having a fit, and before I could kind of get to the end of explaining the fit, he looked like he’d stopped breathing, and he’d just kind of gone motionless.

Left to right: Call hander Karen, paramedic Amy, EMT Ian, Mason and Clare Prendergast, paramedics Andrea and Jennifer. The crew saved Mason's life

"She was reassuring me that help was on its way, and it wouldn’t be far away, and then carried on telling me what to do and how to help him as best I could until help got there.

"And then the paramedics got there, and I remember thinking that they’d got there so quick."

She added: "The paramedics scooped him up, they got all the equipment, and got him in the ambulance, and then two further paramedics got into the ambulance before they left our estate. And so they were all helping him all the way to Wigan hospital.

"It’s so fantastic to be able to say thank you. They are truly, truly amazing."

Wigan mum Clare Prendergast with son Mason following his cardiac arrest

Paramedic Amy said: "As I approached the front door, I could see (Clare) through the window doing CPR. I just ran through the house.

"For a mum, in that situation, she was just fantastic, absolutely fantastic. It’s absolutely incredible to see him, it’s a miracle."

NWAS is shining a light on Mason’s close call to highlight just how important it is for 999 call handlers to respond to genuinely life-threatening emergencies. For medical help when it is not an emergency, go to or call NHS 111.

A video of the heartwarming reunion between Mason and the crew can be watched at