Reassurance offered to pregnant Wigan women

Pregnant Wigan women are being reassured they will be supported during their babies’ births.

Friday, 10th April 2020, 9:25 am
Updated Friday, 10th April 2020, 9:26 am

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) said that women may see their midwife through a video screen for some appointments - but that they will still receive the care and support needed throughout pregnancy.

It is calling on every pregnant women to support them in keeping services open and available during the coronavirus pandemic.

This includes a plea by the RCM for women to let their midwife know if they or anyone in their home starts to have symptoms of Covid-19, and that they must also continue to attend routine appointments for antenatal care and scans.

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Gill Walton, chief executive of the RCM, said: “It’s really important to remember that maternity services are open. Every day, up and down the country, babies are being born and new families are created. Coronavirus isn’t putting a stop to that.

"Yes, some things may be slightly different - you may see your midwife via a video screen for some appointments, for example – but you will still receive the care and support you need throughout your pregnancy.

“We want you to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth, and our members will support you every step of the way. What we’re asking in return is that you support them too, by reducing their exposure to coronavirus. If you or your partner has coronavirus symptoms, it’s vital that you let your midwife know before you attend an appointment. You’ll still get the care you need, but your midwife will be able to take the precautions they need to keep themselves as safe as possible. The same applies when you go into labour.

She added: "Let the maternity unit know so they can be ready for you and help you welcome your new baby into the world."