Unauthorised bonfire wrecks car park

The mess left by residents who lit a bonfire on a car park off Calder Drive in Platt Bridge
The mess left by residents who lit a bonfire on a car park off Calder Drive in Platt Bridge

COUNCILLORS have reacted with fury after selfish revellers left the town hall with a massive clean-up bill for a bonfire on a car park.

Ward representatives have expressed their anger after several large fires were lit for Guy Fawkes celebrations in Platt Bridge last Thursday.

An overspill car park off Calder Drive and the nearby grassed area were both left damaged and covered in a huge pile of blackened rubble after the bonfires were lit.

Councillors have now slammed the irresponsible people who lit the blazes and said similar incidents have previously set the council back as much as £4,000 to tidy up, money the cash-strapped town hall can ill afford.

Coun Eunice Smethurst for Abram ward said: “The area is being used as overflow parking and it looks like three great big bonfires have been lit on the car park and the grassed area.

“The state of it now is an absolute disgrace.

“We’ve tidied up that area, put railings around it and organised litter picks to try to improve it and this happens.

“We’re asking people to work with us to maybe have one official bonfire in a neighbourhood, but instead they’ve gone and destroyed an area like this which will now set the council back all the clean-up costs.

“There will be damage to the Tarmac and they will probably have to bring in some mechanical equipment to dispose of all the rubbish which has been left.

“It’s just not on.”

The mess was discovered by fellow Abram ward representative Coun Martyn Smethurst, who has now reported the matter to Wigan Council.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said that Bonfire Night by and large passed off peacefully locally, apart from anact of sabotage on Atherton firefighters tackling a tyre blaze in Leigh who discovered a hose had been deliberately cut.