Union calls for Nandy to resign from MP post

The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) has called for Lisa Nandy to resign from her post as Wigan MP after her part in the coup on Jeremy Corbyn.

Lisa Nandy
Lisa Nandy

A vote of no confidence was taken on the Labour leader today with 80 per cent of MPs rejecting his leadership.

Ms Nandy quit her role as Shadow Energy and Climate Change secretary yesterday; one of more than 20 MPs to quit Mr Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet following the EU referendum.

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As a result of this coup the RMT, who campaigned for Brexit, has called for Ms Nandy to resign from her position asdl Wigan’s member of parliament too.

They claim she has “undermined” last year’s leadership election, in which Mr Corbyn was elected with a resounding mandate.

An email to Ms Nandy from the RMT secretary read: “As a branch, Wigan RMT have always supported you and indeed promoted you as an MP who represented our aims as a union and indeed as part of the broader socialist movement against public service cuts and austerity In general.

“It is with a heavy heart and great regret that I send this email to you. Myself and my branch have always regarded you as a great supporter of both our union and our ideals to promote the aspirations and aims of the working class, dispossessed and disenfranchised decent people of this nation.

“Your decision to resign and undermine the democratic mandate of Jeremy Corbyn is a huge let down to both my union, the RMT and also the wider working class movement in general.

“At a time when working class people and the left wing movement in Britain need unity, solidarity and cohesion, the disgraceful plot to remove Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour leadership is an unwelcome and unneeded distraction.

“The plot to rid Labour of its leadership beggars belief and is totally out of tune with the mood of the public at large.

“The people of Britain did not reject the EU, simply because of right wing sympathy and belief.

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“They rejected the EU on many fronts, namely the imposition of privatisation, an agenda of cutting public services, the promotion of free movement of Labour that has undermined the collective bargaining power of British workers.

F”inally as an MP whose constituency returned a leave the EU vote of 63 per cent, how can you have the audacity to call for Jeremy Corbyn’s head, when your own electorate voted massively against your own position?

“With a heavy heart, I call on you to resign your position as the MP for Wigan.

“You have failed to understand the will of your constituents. To compound that failure, you have sought to blame your leader and use him as a scapegoat for the failings of the parliamentary Labour Party.

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“This is both morally and politically illegitimate and undermines the democratic process of both the Labour party and the nation.”

A Labour party spokesman has today dismissed the email, saying: “Unlike a number of other trade unions, the RMT is not affiliated with the Labour Party.

“This email has also appeared on the Left Unity website, indicating that this is a co-ordinated and politically motivated attack from opponents of the Labour Party.”