Uniting in memory of hero PC Keith

A Wigan musician is calling on residents to come together and hold a short vigil in memory of the policeman killed by a terrorist at Westminster.

Friday, 7th April 2017, 2:16 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:53 pm
PC Keith Palmer who was killed during the terrorist attack on the Houses of Parliament

Elouise, who performs under the stage name Ellie-X, will observe a two minutes’ silence outside Wigan police station to remember PC Keith Palmer at 2pm on Monday and wants Wiganers to join in.

Guitarist and singer Elouise hopes the vigil will improve solidarity and bring people together in the wake of the appalling attack on Parliament.

She also feels it would be a fitting way to remember Keith, who made the ultimate sacrifice in his duty, and show support for his family.

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Elouise said: “I just thought it was a good way to show solidarity, going to the local police station and having a time of silence.

“I was just thinking about unifying people when there’s so much hate at the moment.

“What happened to him brought so many people together.

“It’s also to commemorate all the people who lost their lives and to remember all those who have already shown their support.

“It’s an absolutely tragic thing and it’s a lot bigger than just Keith sadly being murdered. It’s also for his family. People are saying they must be very proud of him but that little lad will want a game of football with his dad and he’s not going to be there.”

Police officers across the country are expected to attend the funeral on Monday and forces will also pay their respects. The two minutes’ silence outside Wigan police station on Robin Park Road will be at 2pm.