Unwanted gift for noisy neighbour

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A WIGAN woman got an unwanted birthday present when she was on the receiving end of a 12 month injunction order from a local housing association.

The order has been obtained against Sarah Coates from Sole Street, Whelley, for causing noise nuisance and disturbing her neighbours and was served on Ms Coates’ 32nd birthday.

The order was obtained by Adactus Housing after complaints about her drinking and shouting at the front of her property and playing loud music when inside it.

Tenancy Enforcement Officer Emma Bradshaw said: “We were first made aware of problems at this property in late July and whilst the neighbours did not want to complain ultimately the behaviour they were being subject to was just too much for them to put up with.

“As with any case of this kind, we will ask the perpetrator to modify their behaviour but, if they won’t, then we won’t hesitate to take legal action through the courts.

“With this order, we are now in a position to take further legal action should Sarah Coates repeat the nuisance that her neighbours have had to suffer for the past three months and we won’t hesitate to act.”

The order prohibits Ms Coates from engaging in conduct that causes a nuisance or annoyance to anyone living or visiting Sole Street and orders her not to play music at a level that can be heard outside her property.

Tenancy Enforcement Manager Kate Sullivan said: “This behaviour was disturbing a number of residents who complained to us about it.

“The tenant, Sarah Coates, attended court unrepresented by a solictor and denied the allegations. When her options were explained to her she eventually agreed to the injunction.

“Hopefully this action by Adactus will give Ms Coates’ neighbours the peace and quiet they are entitled to.”