Valentine’s event with a pole lot of difference

Girls from Pole Seduction who are joining Jack
Girls from Pole Seduction who are joining Jack
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A WIGAN pole-dancing group are putting on a special Valentine’s show for a worthy cause.

Performers from Pole Seduction regularly put on shows for causes close to their hearts and this month is no different.

It’s an art which takes a great deal of composure, work and skill to master and the girls in the group have attracted large audiences over the years.

Their next one, on Saturday will be held at the DW Stadium to raise money for Joining Jack, a charity set up by former Wigan Warriors star Andy Johnson following his son Jack’s diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Kara Timson, from Pole Seduction, said: “Pole Seduction have done many charity events.

“It first started when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and we have continued to help chartists since.

“We have done national charities and local ones such as Bailey Foster, Derian House and Embrace.

“We heard about little Jack and with most of students being mums we felt we had to help and we do this best by performing.”

Five-year-old Jack Johnson was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in 2011.

It’s a condition which has no cure and his devastated parents former Wigan Warriors star Andy Johnson and wife Alex set up Joining Jack to raise money to go towards the research.

The charity has gained plenty of support, particularly in the rugby league world, and the girls at Pole Seduction decided to get on board.

Kara added: “We’ve joined Jack because we get great pleasure in supporting local families being a local business.

“All our students are working mums and students arranging from 19 years old to 47 and all from Wigan.

“The performances will range from beginners who have only been pole-dancing three months to advanced for two years.

“As it is Valentine’s theme we have aimed our show at love, romance, break-ups and make-ups.

“There will be comedy, graceful, sexy and funky dances, then we have belly dancer and burlesque performances.”

Tickets for the show are priced at £10 and are available from Pole Seduction’s website at with all proceeds going to Joining Jack.

There will also be activities such as games and raffles on the night to raise more money.