Vandals repeatedly wrecking Wigan bus shelter

The bus shelter on Woodhouse Lane after it was wrecked by vandals again
The bus shelter on Woodhouse Lane after it was wrecked by vandals again
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Frustrated transport bosses and passengers have hit out at selfish vandals who are repeatedly wrecking a bus shelter.

The stop on Woodhouse Lane in Beech Hill has been reduced to piles of smashed glass four times in a fortnight, with yobs returning to wreak havoc just 24 hours after engineers repaired it.

The shelter was found trashed yesterday morning when Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) had sent workmen on Thursday to repair damage believed to have been done on Wednesday.

Residents who catch buses there regularly say glass was smashed there twice in the previous week as well.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has now hit out at the mindless vandalism.

A spokesman said: “This type of anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and TfGM will do everything possible to hold the individuals accountable for their actions.

“We sympathise with passengers and local residents that further damage has occurred, and apologise for any inconvenience. All areas damaged will be made safe and temporary repairs undertaken.

“With over close to 4,500 bus shelters across Greater Manchester we rely on members of the public to report any incidents of vandalism so we can try to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

“Around 800 shelters are owned by TfGM, which bears the costs incurred due to vandalism.’’

Local residents reported dog walkers having to detour around the damaged shelter to prevent their pets being injured by the debris strewn all over the pavement.

Regular travellers at the bus stop blasted the “pointless” vandalism and suggested cameras should be installed at the shelter to catch the culprits.

Smashed glass was found on Monday January 23 and Wednesday January 25 before this week’s two incidents.

Anyone who spots a damaged bus shelter should contact TfGM by emailing or calling 0161 244 1720 with the reference number on the bus stop sign.

The transport organisation has promised residents the areas will be made safe within 48 hours of a report.