Vet’s purr-fect response

Head veterinary nurse Faye Lakin with Beau
Head veterinary nurse Faye Lakin with Beau

A POORLY cat is on the mend thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Beau, who is about three-years-old, was cruelly abandoned in the Kings Moss area a few weeks ago but was luckily found by an elderly couple who took her to Medivets in Billinge.

She was found to have painful sores on her front paws and was extremely malnourished but despite desperate attempts by staff to find a place at a shelter for her, they were unable to.

With no one to fund Beau’s treatment or give her a home, the only option for staff was to put her to sleep.

But thanks to a fund-raising campaign, Beau is close to making a full recovery and with a flood of offers from people wanting to re-home her she is close to living happily ever after.

Faye Lakin, a veterinary nurse, launched the campaign and has been overwhelmed with how much has been raised to fund the treatment Beau needed.

Medivets also offered to cover the cost of the diagnostic tests Beau needed.

They discovered that the growths on Beau’s front pads have been caused by chronic inflammation, infection and ulceration and were able to treat them with the donated money.

Faye said: “Beau is doing amazingly well.

“Her growths have reduced dramatically, the right forelimb is even back to a normal pad sized.

“She is rapidly becoming quite a celebrity, receiving her own fan mail and ‘get well soon’ cards.

“The response has been overwhelming, for once in my life I am actually lost for words.”

So far Faye and her colleagues have raised £725 and have been giving up their own time to look after her at the weekends.

“One of the other nurses and I have been taking it in turns to come in at the weekend to feed Beau and play with her,” Faye said.

“She is a really affectionate little cat which is why we think she must have been someone’s pet. We have had loads of people come forward to offer her a home.”