Vicious thug walks free from court

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A WIGAN man who assaulted his girlfriend and injured her with a knife has walked free from court.

But David Hesketh was only allowed his freedom because he has served the equivalent of more than 12 months’ imprisonment while on remand in custody.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Hesketh had been a short relationship with his victim, Angela Dempsey, when they had a row on November 2 and he became irate when she received a text from her ex-husband just before midnight.

He followed her up to the bedroom of his home in Pennington Street, Hindley, and began assaulting her by striking her in the face and knocking her to the floor and dislodging her false teeth.

He dragged her downstairs and held a knife to her throat and made threats to kill her, said Harry Pepper, prosecuting.

“On two occasions he placed a tea towel around her neck which caused her to struggle for breath. Her legs went wobbly and she twice fell to the floor.”

He allowed Ms Dempsey to go to sleep but just before 6am he told her he was going out to throw himself under the first train from the station. The police were called and they found the injured woman who had a split lip and bruising and swelling to her face and head.

She also had bruises to her arm and a small stab wound to her left breast, which it was accepted had been caused recklessly, said Mr Pepper.

When interviewed, Hesketh said her drinking had caused the deterioration in their relationship and he was angry when he saw the texts saying her ex-husband wanted to get back together with her.

He intended killing himself after the incident and wrote letters to his children and lay on the railway line but got up before the next train arrived.