Victoria’s battle for life

Victoria Weir at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
Victoria Weir at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

THIS poorly Wigan tot may not make her fourth birthday which is two weeks away,

Victoria Weir, of Worsley Hall, was diagnosed with mitochondrial POLG mutation - a rare condition which affects her brain and causes severe epileptic fits after - after a series of blood tests on February 4.

But doctors dealt the bitter blow to parents Carol and Andrew that she will not survive much longer and could die before she reaches four on March 6.

Carol, 37, said: “She was fit and healthy until she woke up in the early hours of January 27 saying her left foot was hot and sore. It was jolting backwards and forwards and she had no control over it.

“It had spread up her leg and her arm started jolting and she had seizures for the next 17 days.

“They lasted a couple of minutes and then as time went on, they were for three hours.

“She went to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital later that night and she had to have two blood samples every day for a week and as a result she needed a blood transfusion.

“Eventually she was diagnosed with mitochondrial POLG mutation in her brain.

“Her life expectancy has reduced dramatically and doctors can’t even guarantee she will make her fourth birthday,

“She remains in hospital and is on strong medication and sedation as she has had so many seizures in 17 days.

“Because of this we are told she will have brain damage.

“It has broken us as a family.

“There is no cure - the only thing she can have is drugs to prolong her life.”

Carol also has a 14-year-old son, Matthew, who has dyspraxia and she normally takes care of him at home.

As Carol and Andrew, 47, are at Victoria’s bedside, Matthew is staying with his nana,

And the family now have the added worry while they wait to discover whether the condition is genetic and if Matthew has the condition,

The couple are also feeling the financial strain of travelling to and from the hospital.

Carol added: “We have been staying at Ronald McDonald House the last 27 days while Victoria is in intensive care. It is a great strain not being there for Matthew and financially it is hard.”

If anyone wishes to help fund travel and food expenses for Carol and Andrew Weir, they can send donations to them via Ronald McDonald.