VIDEO: Bullied Wigan teen finds solace as top circus juggler

A Wigan schoolboy who was bullied 'mercilessly' for having learning difficulties has won a prestigious circus competition to find the country's brightest star.

Thursday, 12th July 2018, 12:45 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:47 pm
Jordan Dickinson

Jordan Dickinson, who has autism, ADHD and other learning difficulties, suffered constant bullying at school. The 19-year-old performer found solace in the circus and practising his juggling performance.

His talent caught the eye of the judges at The Blackpool Tower Circus 250 ‘star of the future’ competition and has now been crowned the winner.

Jordan, who is currently studying for an ICT diploma at St John Rigby College, will perform at the Circus 250 parade in Blackpool from midday today when a 250-strong convoy of schoolchildren, floats, street performers and circus acts will travel from Central Pier to the Comedy Carpet to celebrate 250 years since the first circus appeared in London.

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Jordan Dickinson

He will then perform alongside his heroes - comedy duo Mooky and Mr Boo, of the Endresz Family Circus.

The trio will take to the stage at a charity gala show at The Blackpool Tower Circus in aid of Blackpool Carers Centre on Saturday.

The well-loved comedians - who are brothers in real life - were amazed by Jordan’s skills as a juggler despite him only picking up his first set of juggling balls in 2016.

He has mastered juggling four balls and is learning how to juggle five with the help of Mooky, who was one of the youngest people in history to perform the feat and appeared on The Paul Daniels’ Magic Show in the early 90s.

Jordan, who lives in Ince with his mum Louise, 40, and dad Lee, 45, can juggle three clubs and perform tricks using three or four balls.

Louise said: “All the way through primary and secondary school, Jordan was bullied because he was different.

“Since he was nine, Jordan has been fascinated by The Blackpool Tower Circus. He loves the bright colours, the music and the acts.

“Mooky and Mr Boo make him laugh and he really loves what they do. He has anxiety so because of that we used to sit on the back row of every show.

“About three years ago, I went to speak to Mr Boo and asked if he and Mooky would come and say hello. They did and made Jordan’s day.

“We now have seats on the third row where we always sit.

“Sometimes we can watch up to 15 shows a week and if Jordan had his way we would be there every day.

“He loves to go into the circus ring and chat with the acts and practice his juggling.

“The Blackpool Tower Circus has helped with his confidence and abilities.

“He has become a star-in-the-making which is amazing because his people skills were non-existent.

“But over the last two or three years he has got to know many of the staff and is on first name terms with them and has even made friends with some of the performers.

“He tells me he loves the circus and he feels a part of it; it feels like home to him. Winning this competition means the world to Jordan and us as a family.

“I’m so proud of him and thankful to Blackpool Tower and the Endresz Family for all they have done. Jordan says he owes Mooky the world.”

The Blackpool Tower Circus opened its doors in 1894 and has entertained generations of visitors with death-defying stunts, hair-raising tricks and remarkable feats.

Kenny Mew, general manager of Blackpool Tower, said: “Jordan is a remarkable talent and we have found our star of the future who really loves the circus.

“We were so proud to learn about how Jordan has been interacting with Mooky and Mr Boo and has developed his circus abilities, which has helped him grow in confidence.

“Congratulations to Jordan, his mum Louise and dad Lee.

“We’re looking forward to seeing him perform for everyone and wish him the best of luck with his circus and IT career.”