Video: Wigan town centre bust-up caught on film

Footage of a Wigan town centre brawl in which a man is left with blood pouring down his face has gone viral on social media.

A witness filmed the culmination of the fight which saw the bigger man being repeatedly punched on the ground in Market Place in front of shocked lunchtime shoppers on Thursday.

Stills from the incident

Stills from the incident

A source said that the violence began on Millgate shortly before noon, continued onto the Wiend and spilled out into the main square from the alleyway down the side of the Moon Under Water.

After climbing to his feet, the bleeding man (below)can be heard repeatedly saying to a friend “don’t worry about me,” while the other, who briefly squats down as if to regain his breath, is told by a friend: “Macky, move out of the way from him, Macky let’s go, let’s go.”

The incident was filmed on an onlooker’s phone from the Church Gardens alleyway and posted on social media.

But it was CCTV coverage of the brawl, viewed from Wigan’s central watch station, which brought police to the scene.

However a spokeswoman said: “At 11.53am on Thursday we received reports that a fight had been caught on town centre CCTV near the Moon Under Water. Officers made their way there but when they arrived there was no-one around who had been involved.

“No-one has come forward to make a complaint of being assaulted, neither party has been identified and no public order offence has been reported. If anyone comes forward with information we will of course investigate it.”

Anyone with details is asked to ring police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.