Village limits cut to 20mph

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RESIDENTIAL streets in some parts of Wigan are to become safer as part of a council programme to introduce slower speed limits.

Proposals have been unveiled to make no-through roads in Parbold and Up Holland villages 20mph as part of Lancashire County Council’s £9m programme to lower speed limits in residential areas and outside schools.

And the top 10 worst drivers will be identifed and face visits from the police in a move which is aimed at saving lives.

Busy through-roads will not be altered, meaning journey times will remain unaffected.

Parbold and Up Holland are part of the second phase of the scheme, and information leaflets are currently being delivered to households on streets which are affected, and where work on the ground is scheduled to start in the next few months.

By 2014, the speed limit on all residential streets in Lancashire will be controlled at 20mph with signs only, rather than with widespread installation of extra traffic calming measures such as speed humps and chicanes.

Part-time speed restrictions will be brought in where schools are located on busy roads.

Lancashire County Council will be working alongside the police and local communities to address speeding as the 20mph limits are rolled-out.

Community Road Watch has been set-up which will see volunteers working alongside neighbourhood policing teams to address road safety concerns raised by residents.

Officers will also develop a list of the top 10 anti-social drivers for each policing area compiled from police intelligence, information from members of the public, police and communities together (PACT) meetings and Crimestoppers. The top 10 identified drivers will be subject to police observation and visits.

County Councillor Tim Ashton, Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “Our aim is for everyone in the areas of Parbold and Up Holland to understand the benefits that driving more slowly and safely in residential areas has for them, their family, and their neighbours – and, where necessary, to do their bit to influence others to reduce their speed.”

“People are much more likely to survive and have fewer injuries if involved in an accident at 20mph than 30mph, and lowering speeds will make our neighbourhoods safer and better places to live for everyone.”

For a full list of the roads which are to be changed to a 20mph speed limit visit