Violent attack cases on the rise

Crime news
Crime news

FEARS have been voiced after an increase in domestic violence attacks in Wigan.

Latest crime figures show the number of reported cases in the borough have gone up to more than 6,500 in the last year.

And experts have always stated that the number of attacks that end up in the hands of the authorities are just the tip of the iceberg with the majority going unreported. Wigan’s Police and Crime Commissioner said today that communities needed to stand together to counter this pernicious social ill.

Tony Lloyd explained that although the statistics could suggest more victims are coming forward, they remain a serious cause for concern.

He added: “These figures should shock us all into making a stand against domestic violence if we are serious about ridding society of this crime which has untold, long-lasting effects on victims and their children.

“While the increase in reporting suggests that more people have the confidence to come forward, there are still too many victims suffering in silence.

“We all have a responsibility as decent human beings - whether a friend, relative, teacher, neighbour, doctor - to speak out for victims and stand up against the perpetrators.”