Violent attacker sent to jail

Crime story
Crime story

A HORRIFYING 999 call in which a man was heard viciously attacking a women in a rape bid has been described as “the most harrowing” the emergency phone operators had ever heard.

Kevin Pendlebury’s victim, whom he was trying to tie up and rape having earlier thrown her down a flight of stairs, was heard screaming hysterically for help, fearing for her life, and desperately appealing for him to stop.

Her terrifying ordeal only came to end when her father, whom she had managed to call, arrived on the scene at Pendlebury’s flat. Bizarrely her attacker then rang 999 himself and calmly and dispassionately told them he had been “very, very violent”.

And he confessed to beating her and trying to tie her up and rape her.

46-year-old Pendlebury today (Thur) received a 12-and-a-half-year sentence involving a nine-and-a-half-year jail term and an extended licence of three years.

He had pleaded guilty to attempted rape, assault causing actual bodily harm and assault by penetration.

Claire Jones, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that Pendlebury went to a nightclub with the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, in the early hours of January 18 this year.

After she danced with another man he stormed off in a rage and told her he was jealous. They went back to his first floor flat in Castleton Court, Castle Road, Tyldesley and carried on drinking.

He became angry and threw a pint glass across the room and she rang for a taxi home. He vented his anger by smashing all the contents of his home including the TV cabinet, microwave, dining table and chairs, and slashing his bed and bedding.

Although distressed she decided to stay and try to calm him down and then called another taxi. She went out but realising she had left her mobile phone behind she returned and used it to call her father.

“She began to walk downstairs and he grabbed hold of her and pushed her downstairs. She ended up on her back at the bottom of the stairs,” said Miss Jones.

“He was in a rage and began to kick and stamp on her. He pulled her up and threw her down the few remaining steps to the front door.”

While she lay helplessly on the floor he punched her and began pulling frantically at her clothes and ripped her knickers shouting, “I’m going to rape you.”

He tried to kiss the terrified woman who tried to fight back and bit him on the arm and ear and kicked out but he continued his threats and sexually assaulted her.

In a ruse she said she would have sex with him but first needed the toilet and he let her go the bathroom. She rang 999 but was unable to speak to the operator as Pendlebury was listening outside the door and he then smashed it in.

She left the telephone line open and the five minute recording was played to the court followed by Pendlebury’s chillingly calm call made after her dad arrived.

He dragged her from the toilet to the bathroom floor and tried to bind her hands with a roll of tape and threatened to rape her. She began suffering breathing problems but he just placed his hand over her mouth and she told him he was going to kill her.

Her ordeal ended when her father came into the flat and at hospital it was found she had bruising to her arms, lower back and buttocks and thighs. She was left in constant pain and has since suffered bouts of depression, sleepless nights and does not like being alone.

Steven Swift, defending, said that Pendlebury, whose previous convictions include three drink driving offences, had never been to jail before. “He was driven initially by jealousy and then lost control of himself.”

The judge ordered Pendlebury to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life and imposed an indefinite restraining order to keep away from his victim.