Violent teen muggers caged for double attack

Crime news
Crime news

A PAIR of schoolboys, who mugged two men in separate violent incidents as they walked home from work, have been put behind bars.

The teenagers, who were both 15 at the time, had walked out of the Wigan children’s’ home were they were living, and robbed the victims of their phones in an hour-long episode.

Leanne Birkett, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that David Redmond and Adam Rasburn both left the chip shop where they worked about 9pm on January 17 to go home.

They separated and in Frog Lane Mr Redmond became conscious of a group of youths walking behind him.

He was holding his mobile phone when he felt two blows to the back of his head by two different people.

He fell onto all fours and one of them, Shakeal Fraser demanded his phone.

Mr Redmond was then kicked to the body and face and felt blows to his body before his phone fell from his hand and landed over five feet away.

He felt two further kicks to his head and two more to his body before the group then fled. Miss Birkett said that by then Mr Rasburn had reached his home in Norfolk Street but as he had forgotten his key was standing outside waiting for his mother.

The group arrived and Fraser demanded he hand over his valuables and when he said he had nothing they began searching him.

His phone and cigarettes were taken and he was punched in the mouth and other members of the group, including Ayrton Ambrose, began assaulting him and he fell to the floor and while he lay there defenceless he could feel kicks.

The boys then went back to the Woodhouse Farm children’s home in Beech Hill, and changed their clothing and when confronted by staff were described as “frustrated and nervous.”

Both victims received minor injuries but were left shocked by the robberies and are now nervous about walking alone in the dark.

Fraser, who has numerous convictions including 12 for violence, and Ambrose, who has robbery convictions, both admitted two robberies and were sentenced to two years’ detention and 

Sentencing them, Judge Mark Brown said that it was remarkable that given their records Ambrose has never received a custodial sentence and Fraser had only received a four-month term.

He said that although the victims had not been seriously injured they had been left psychologically affected.

Kevin Liston, defending, said that Fraser had had “a torrid” childhood with both parents being involved in gangland and he witnessed his father being shot when he was four years old.

He has been in secure accommodation while on remand and has made good progress.

Defence barrister Paul Treble said that Ambrose has also made good progress while on remand.