Volunteer to help dog rescue charity

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VOLUNTEERS are desperately needed to help raise money and awareness for a dog rescue charity in Wigan.

Fund-raisers will be at Wigan Asda, in Robin Park, on Saturday between 10am and 6pm in order to support Rochdale Dog Rescue.

The money raised will help save unwanted and stray dogs from ‘death row’ and find new homes for them.

Andrea Newton, a volunteer at the charity, said: “So many people do not realise how many dogs are put to sleep every day of the week in the UK.

“People think every stray that is picked up by the dog warden and every dog that is left tied to a derelict property, like Barney who is with us right now, gets a happy ending, this is not true.”

Stray dogs that are picked up have to be kept by the council for seven days to see if an owner comes forward.

If they are not claimed, the dogs are put to sleep unless the rescue centre can intervene and take them into emergency boarding kennels. The organisation works within a 100 mile radius across Greater Manchester and last year saved the lives of 200 dogs.

Andrea said: “All our funds raised goes to the dogs, every single penny, and on average our monthly costs are £2,500.”

The charity needs 40 people to give up two hours each between 10am and 6pm, to offer to pack shoppers’ bags at the tills.

If you want to get involved, email rochdaledogrescue@btinternet.com or visit the website www.rochdale-dog-rescue.com.