‘Vulnerable’ man, 33, was found hanged

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News story

A VULNERABLE Wigan dad killed himself just days before a thug who attacked him was due to be sentenced.

An inquest in Bolton heard Andrew Gallagher of Prescott Lane, Kitt Green, was found by a friend hanged at around 7am near a dog walking path near Beverley Road, Marsh Green, on March 20. A suicide note addressed to his girlfriend, Chelsea Lowe, was discovered in his trouser pocket.

One of the last things he said to me was ‘when I die I’ll be the brightest star in the sky watching over you’

Chelsea Lowe

The 33-year-old, who suffered from schizophrenia, mental health and behavioural issues, had also tried to take his life just days before.

The court heard Mr Gallagher had suffered a horrific assault in September last year of which the attacker was due to be sentenced on March 30.

Friends of the attacker visited the victim at his other flat on Beverley Road accusing him of being a “grass”, on March 15.

And on the night of his death Mr Gallagher argued with his 14-year-old son and his girlfriend, with whom he had a “volatile” relationship with, telling her he loved her but she would never see him again.

But area coroner Alan Walsh was told Mr Gallagher, who sometimes went by the name of Mr Hilton, was “the best he had ever been” just days before his death.

Senior nurse practitioner Katherine Ferguson, who visited him on March 18 said that he had been looking forward to the future, a statement backed up by Mr Gallagher’s mother, Denise.

Ms Ferguson added: “I found him very settled and well, he had a positive outlook on life and said he regretted attempting to take his own life just days before and that he wouldn’t do it again.”

The court heard that Mr Gallagher had been taking regular medication for his illnesses and had frequent reviews from health professionals.

But toxicology reports found he had a small amount of amphetamines in his system. Pathologist Stephen Wells said because of this, it was possible he would have been feeling the effects of a comedown which would include anxiety, depression, restlessness and tiredness.

Speaking about her final conversation over the phone with Mr Gallagher in the early hours of the morning, Ms Lowe said he had indicated about taking his own life but he had said it so many times before she thought he would never do it.

She explained that they had split up just days before but had agreed to meet later that day with hopes of reconciling.

Ms Lowe said: “One of the last things he said to me was ‘when I die I’ll be the brightest star in the sky watching over you’.

“He just always said it and always said about dying, that’s just what he would do.”

CCTV at his mother’s house on Prescott Lane saw Mr Gallagher leaving home at around 5.30am and he never returned.

Recording an open conclusion, Mr Walsh said: “I’m very saddened by Andrew’s death because he had tremendous support, particularly from his mum who was a haven for him when he had problems.”

He added: “He may not have intended to take his own life but he was prone to unpredictability.”