Walkers’ anger at landslide path peril

Borsdane Wood in Aspull where a landslide happened in March 2014 and has still not been sorted by Wigan Council
Borsdane Wood in Aspull where a landslide happened in March 2014 and has still not been sorted by Wigan Council
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WALKERS are being warned not to take their lives in their hands by venturing on landslide-damaged paths at a popular Wigan beauty spot.

Sections of the routes through Borsdane Wood, between Hindley and Aspull, have been shut off to the public since land became unstable last spring.

Ramblers are unhappy that repair work to the damaged paths, at the northern end of Borsdane Wood, are taking so long and say some people are pushing the fences aside and continuing to use the routes.

But Wigan Council has now said this is extremely dangerous and urged residents to be patient while the area is made safe.

One walker, who asked not to be named, said: “Notices were put up at either end of the woods in March 2014 stating the footpath would be closed for 21 days but the notices have long since gone and many people still walk through this section. Now, 18 months after the council officially closed this section of the path, still repairs have not been done. It just does not seem good enough, even in this day and age of so-called cutbacks.”

Unhappy walkers also complain that no signs have been erected suggesting diversions through the wood.

The authority asked for patience and said it was making progress in putting the path right.

Mike Worden, its assistant director for planning and transport, said: “After the collapse of part of the footpath there have been temporary closure orders in place on the affected sections and despite best efforts using fencing to avoid people walking on to the unsafe path some people have not heeded the warning signs. We would like to remind people that this fencing is there to protect the public from any harm and they should not attempt to remove it and potentially put others at risk by this action.

“The repair work to this path is very complex and has required a number of surveys of the land surrounding the path, this work is now complete and plans are being drawn up to reinstate the path which include dealing with drainage issues and engineering works to prevent any further slippage on the valley side. We hope the public can bear with us while we work to get the best solution to restore this footpath.”