Wallet returned

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A PENSIONER has been reunited with his wallet complete with lottery winnings.

The item was picked up by a man in the Co-op on Gathurst Lane, Shevington at about 2pm on Wednesday 4 May 2011, after it was dropped by a 79-year-old man.

Inside was £64 the pensioner had recently collected for a winning lottery ticket and a sentimental silver replica dollar.

Following a media appeal a man contacted police and returned the wallet and its full contents.

Police Constable Roy Lunio, said: “The man who picked up the wallet left the shop with a view to returning it to the pensioner but was unable to find him.

“He further attempted to take it to a local police station, which was shut, so kept it safe whilst away on holiday with a view to giving it to police on his return.

“Following the appeal he immediately contacted police and was delighted to be able to return the wallet and its full contents to its rightful owner.”