Warning following ‘cruel’ deception

Collingwood Street, Standish
Collingwood Street, Standish

A CRUEL conman duped his way into a elderly widow’s Standish home by warning that burglars were on the prowl...before stealing her pension.

Today her relatives spoke out about the evil of those who prey on the good intentions of the older generation.

But were grateful that the spirited 92 year old lady, who is well known in Collingwood Street after spending virtually all her married life there, was unhurt in the ordeal.

Police are hunting a man in his 30’s, 5ft 6ins tall, of medium build with brown hair who spoke with a local accent.

There are now hopes that his image may have been captured on a CCTV system used to protect a auto-repair workshop behind the home. Her purse containing more than £100 – she had just collected her OAP pension – was stolen.

At about 11.30am the man walked up a ginnel and apparently opened her high back garden gate by reaching over before knocking on her back door.

After engaging the grandmother in supposedly concerned conversation about her well being after supposedly seeing teenagers trying to break in to an upstairs window at the rear of her home, offering to check her windows for security from the inside.

The trusting lady was so grateful she offered to make him a cup of tea and while she was in the kitchen he went upstairs, ransacked draws before stealing her purse containing her pension, making off through the front door. Because she is hard of hearing she hadn’t heard his footsteps as he went into her bedroom.

Today her daughter, who lives nearby and visit two or three times a day, blasted the “low-life” who had burgled her mother. And was keen to warn other older people in the community to be on their guard.

She said: “I think this is the lowest of the low kind of thing to happen to a trusting old lady...it is just despicable.

“The man, if that is what we have to call him, has obviously targeted an old person deliberately because they are of the generation where they trust people who seem believable and come knocking on the door.

“She is upset because he has made a fool of her.”