Warning not to set bin fires ...

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YOUNGSTERS are being warned not to set fire to wheelie bins to keep warm, for fear of their safety.

Firefighters were called to Canberra Road, in Marsh Green, at 10pm, after youths had set fire to a bin to keep warm while drinking alcohol outside.

Crew Commander Simon Connor, of Wigan Fire Service, warned that the fire could escalate and cause an injury.

He said: “A few years ago some youths did the same thing to keep warm and after a few drinks one lad leapt over the fire.

“He fell backwards and the only way for him to get back up was to turn into the flames and he burned his back and hands.

“Youngsters don’t realise the dangers of mixing alcohol with fire.

“When the weather is cold they start drinking and make a fire to keep warm.

“They think they are doing no harm, but they don’t know what toxic fumes may be given off from the plastic and rubbish.

“Also, people get brave and start doing silly things and taking risks near fire, which can lead to disaster and serious injury.

“Alcohol and fires do not mix - it is a dangerous game.”

If anyone sees someone setting deliberate fires, they should call Fire stoppers anonymously on 0800 923 9999.