Warning over candles

Steve Sheridan
Steve Sheridan

WIGAN’S fire chief today issued a festive warning over potentially deadly candles.

Steve Sheridan, pictured, says they are the single biggest risk for the borough’s fire crews at this time of year.

He said: “The Christmas season always causes issues for us particularly because people are at home more and are using more electrical appliances.

“But one of our biggest problems during this period is caused by candles being left on.

“My rule is if you go out of the room the candle should go out too.”

Cdr Sheridan said candles should always be kept on a flat surface and preferably people should use safety candles, which are the wide ones that hold molten wax within it. Other risks at this time of year come from plug sockets and extension leads being overloaded with plugs as well as people cooking after having a few too many drinks.

Cdr Sheridan added: “We want people to have a fantastic Christmas, but also want them to be aware of the risks, which often lie in places that people may not realise. At this time of year people may want to light a fire which is not lit all year round, I would urge people with open fires to be extra vigilant when watching their children or animals who could get hold of wrapping paper.

“This is also the perfect time to check the battery in your smoke alarm as most people buy extra for indoor lights for example.

“For us Christmas is about enjoying yourself but also being a little bit more switched on to potential dangers in and around the house.

“All four of the borough’s fire stations are open 24/7 during Christmas so if anybody wants some free advice please feel free to phone up or drop in and the crews will be happy to offer any advice they can.”