Warning for red light jumpers

Motorists tempted to run red lights and ignore road signs at the main junction in Standish could be caught by a new police crackdown.

Friday, 27th October 2017, 12:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:10 am
Councillors George Fairhurst and Debbie Fairhurst at the junction with Sgt Nick Forshaw and PCSO Barry Smith

Coun George Fairhurst has flagged up fresh concerns regarding the busy crossroads, amid fears there could be a serious collision there before too long.

And he has secured the support of police in Standish, with officers preparing to monitor the area at various times.

Several accidents are reported each year at the crossroads and it is feared risk-taking motorists are a contributory factor.

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Coun Fairhurst said: “We’ve still got people going through the lights when they are blatantly on red and I’m worried there will be a smash there sooner or later.

“You can also see people ignoring the no left turn and no right turn signs and it’s only going to cause problems.

“It’s time for drivers to take responsibility before someone gets seriously hurt there.”

The Standish Independents councillor has enlisted the help of ward colleague Coun Debbie Fairhurst to regularly check the junction of High Street, Market Street, Preston Road and the

A5209 School Lane, which is already controlled by a filter lane system.

And he has had a successful meeting with Insp Nicola Williams and Sgt Nick Forshaw, who cover the Standish area, to outline his worries.

Sgt Forshaw said: “The road junction has had some restrictions placed on it, such as no left turn and no right turn,

“Clearly it is affected by congestion as it is a very narrow crossroads.

“I want to appeal to the public and educate drivers to have some patience and don’t think that they can just take a right or left turn, where they shouldn’t.

“We intend to do some high-visibility policing at the junction at various different times of the day over the coming weeks.

“If we can’t educate drivers then we will start to enforce the legislation and start issuing penalties.”

Coun Fairhurst is also seeking fresh talks with Wigan Council’s highways department to discuss the ongoing problems.

The prospect of installing traffic light cameras, to catch any potential red light jumpers, has previously been discussed.