Warrant issued for air rage millionaire

Darren Halliwell at his home earlier this week
Darren Halliwell at his home earlier this week

A WARRANT has been issued for the arrest of a Wigan man whose alleged drunken rampage grounded a transatlantic flight earlier this month.

Darren Halliwell was a no-show at East Boston Court on Wednesday where he faced numerous charges, including disrupting the operation of an aircraft, disorderly conduct, and the assault and battery of his wife.

Darren Halliwell in court earlier this month

Darren Halliwell in court earlier this month

It follows the incident on board a London to Texas flight on July 8.

The 48-year-old posted $5,000 bail and on July 19 was deported back to the UK by US Customs.

However, Halliwell failed to return for his hearing yesterday and it was also reported that the millionaire had defaulted on his bail payment.

The case remains open and with the outstanding warrant in place, if Halliwell – who visited America more than 25 times – tries to enter the country again, he will be immediately detained.

Halliwell has since returned to his lavish Aspull home where he was approached by the Evening Post on Monday but declined to comment.

He was the subject of international headlines earlier this month as a result of the incident, in which the IT boss was said to be heavily intoxicated.

The plane, which was heading to Houston, Texas, on had to land at Logan Airport in Boston where it was met by troopers.

He appeared at a Boston Court later in the week where Assistant District Attorney Emily Hamrock told how Halliwell was onboard a British Airways flight from London to Houston when he allegedly became drunk and belligerent, yelling at a 14-year-old passenger who was travelling with her family.

The hearing then heard how he acted aggressively towards flight attendants who then woke his wife.

As she attempted to assist, he then allegedly struck her.

Prosecutors then told how Halliwell “urinated on the plane’s floors and seats”.

In her police statement, Halliwell’s wife said her husband had “acted like this before but never this bad”, as she declined medical help and told officers she just wanted to return to the UK as soon as possible. She did that shortly after the incident. Part of Halliwell’s bail conditions were to remain sober and to stay away from his wife.