Waste firm fined for wrong storage

Blakeley's Waste Management
Blakeley's Waste Management

A WIGAN waste disposal firm has been fined more than £50,000 for illegally storing its rubbish, causing strong odours and a fly infestation.

Blakeley’s Waste Management Ltd, based in Abram, was ordered to pay £54,074 after bosses pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the requirements of a permit condition at its Junction Works and former Foscolor site, in Bickershaw Lane, and at units in Hindley Green Business Park.

Directors also admitted to not adhering to a Notice served under the Environmental Protection Act last May.

David Bradley, prosecuting on behalf of The Environmental Agency, said that on April 30 and May 2 last year production staff at Contitech walked off their shift due to nuisance caused by flies. The staff canteen was also closed for four weeks.

The infestation was the result of up to 12,000 bales of mixed commercial and food waste being stored in the units occupied by Blakeley’s next door.

Officers from The Environmental Agency also attended the Junction Works site and discovered 3,000 bales of mixed waste outside.

They advised bosses to move the items inside and returned in May to find there was still some rubbish outside.

Some had also been transferred to its Foscolor building, which was not covered in the environmental permit.

A notice was served to remove the waste from that site, which was complied with.

Bosses then made an application to include the Foscolor premises within the permit, which was granted in September.

Mr Bradley said: “Blakeley’s did not have a permit and it knows the rules and regulations but carried on deliberately committing the offences.

“It had the option to reduce its number of customers, but carried on receiving payment. The continual breach shows it was not an isolated lapse. It posed a greater than usual harm as the flies and odour impacted on a neighbouring business.”

Claire Petricca-Riding, defending, said: “The company has shown complete remorse for the events. The storage of waste was intended to be temporary until a new materials recycling facility was completed, but that suffered a financial set back. That is due to be up and running in July.

“In order to continue running as a business and save jobs, it had to continue taking waste.

“It accepted there was a nuisance to the neighbouring business and it set up infrastructure to stop the odours.”