Watchdog's probe into police action before Lyndsey Vaux murder

Haunting image of Lyndsey Vaux the day before she was murdered
Haunting image of Lyndsey Vaux the day before she was murdered

Police are under investigation as to whether there is anything they could have done to prevent the abuse and murder of Lyndsey Vaux.

A six-week trial ended last week with the jailing for life of Becky Reid who bullied, beat and starved her lesbian partner at their home in Sydney Street, Platt Bridge, over several years.

Manchester Crown Court heard that eventually 30-year-old Lyndsey’s battered and emaciated body just “gave in” after yet another physical onslaught.

Many witnesses testified against 32-year-old Reid’s acts of cruelty. But while Lyndsey’s mum Anne later thanked those who came forward, senior investigator Bob Tonge said that if Lyndsey’s abuse had been reported sooner, she might be alive today.

However, the spotlight is also being shone on the police.

An Independent Police Complaints Commission spokesman said: “Following the tragic death of Lyndsey Vaux on May 22 2016, the IPCC has been carrying out an independent investigation into what contact Greater Manchester Police had with Lyndsey prior to her death.

Now that the criminal proceedings are complete we aim to conclude our investigation as soon as possible. Once we have shared the findings with all interested parties we will consider how and when to publish them.”

Reid was also convicted of causing her ex Samantha Newns GBH with intent. Her mother Gillian Reid, 57, was cleared of killing Lyndsey but convicted of assaulting Samantha and given a 12-month suspended jail term.