Water torture as mains burst

Burst water main at the junction of Hurst St and Wigan Road, Hindley
Burst water main at the junction of Hurst St and Wigan Road, Hindley

WATER company officials have attempted to allay residents’ concerns after a troublesome pipe leak flooded a Wigan road for nearly a month.

A burst main has been seen spurting water 2ft into the air and flooding parts of a road giving access to a popular community venue in Hindley.

Residents fear the constant flooding, which has been an ongoing problem since the end of last month, could permanently damage the road.

And United Utilities today admitted the leak could not be isolated, causing further complications for its engineers.

A spokesman said: “This means that we will need to turn off the water to a large number of properties which means writing to residents to give advance warning.

“In addition, we’re liaising with the highways department and gas company before we can schedule the repair because the leak is close to a high pressure gas main and near a main road.

“We would need to close half of this busy road using temporary traffic lights as a result.

“We hope to have it sorted very soon.”

The leak has flooded part of Hurst Street, off Wigan Road in Hindley, which provides access to St Peter’s Pavilion.

It is thought that officials from the community centre reported the problem on June 26. Tom Porter, who lives in Hindley Green, said the leak had wasted a “colossal amount of water”.

The 68-year-old said: “I drive past on my way to the shops, I have seen it spraying jets of water into the air.

“We’re talking about thousands of gallons being wasted, huge amount.

“And I would say it has been going on for three weeks or so.

“All that water can’t be good for the road surface.”