We need help to keep our neighbour safe

Neil Abrahams
Neil Abrahams

A WIGAN man is calling for action from health chiefs to stop a disturbed neighbour from harming herself.

Neil Abrahams said he is concerned for the welfare of one of his fellow residents in Gantley Crescent, Billinge, as she has experienced several breakdowns, the most severe culminating in her threatening to jump off a window ledge.

I am as much concerned for her as myself as nobody seems to be doing anything

Neil Abrahams

The 47-year-old said her behaviour has impacted on other people living in the Wigan and Leigh Housing accommodation as she often creates loud disturbances and bangs on people’s doors, leaving him fearing she will break into his flat.

Mr Abrahams said: “We have had problems with this unfortunate lady ever since she moved in, which was 10 months ago.

“I am as much concerned for her as myself as nobody seems to be doing anything.

“She is out and about at all times of the night and bangs on everyone’s doors and presses our buzzers.

“But it has escalated where she was taken away by police on at least two occasions as she was on a window ledge and threatened to jump.

“On the most recent attempt police and fire services were there most of the day trying to coax her down. She was kicking the firefighters down as they came to help her.

“The fire brigade have been several times - who knows what she is doing inside her flat. She is not well and she could be doing anything. She could leave her gas on and light a cigarette and put us in danger. I am scared as I am on heavy medication due to back injuries and it can knock me out, so I won’t be awake to hear anyone banging on my door to evacuate if there is a fire.

“I have mental health issues myself and so I have every empathy for her but it is making our lives hell.

“No-one seems to be doing anything for her and I fear for her safety, as well as mine.”

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed that officers were called to Gantley Crescent, Billinge, on February 10 following reports a woman on a window ledge. She was taken under the care of social services and subsequences released back home. Fire and police crews were also called on February 20.

A spokesman for 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are not prepared to comment on this specific instance.

“However, for people experiencing mental health crisis, we have a 24-hour Assessment Team for those in the borough who are in need of urgent mental health support.”

Stuart Cowley, director for adult social care and health at Wigan Council, said: “This lady is known to our mental health team and she has and continues to receive treatment.

“We have been liaising with GMP to ensure she gets the help and support she needs.”